Apr 28, 2011

Grounding FAIL.

Hallie got her first sad face at pre-K on Tuesday. We were pretty disappointed, but not really. She bit Mackenzie on the school bus going to school.

Fighting with Mackenzie = normal.

On the bus = bad.

These girls are like sisters. Kenz put her hand over Hal's mouth and Hal bit down. Not a shocker. But still warrented a sad face, so that's what she got. I feel sorry for Miss Elisha a lot of times and this is one of them.


We decided that we would ground her for the first time. After supper, she went to her room with instructions not to come out unless she needed to use the bathroom. Dave and I went outside to do some yard work (planted some new strawberries!) and every once in a while we would hear her bang on her bedroom window.

We just ignored. But we kept saying things like, "it's so nice, I wish Hallie was outside with us."

We peeked in her window a little later and she was....passed out on her bed. Dead asleep. Passed out cold. It was pretty funny. It was also only 6:30pm, so I went in to wake her up.

Dave came in a little bit later and we somehow migrated to Hallie's room. Apparently we couldn't handle not hanging out with our kid.

We are pathetic.

We suck at grounding.

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