Apr 22, 2011

How Now Brown Cow? Oh, Bite Me.

Why does it seem like people lose their filters around pregnant people? When did it become okay to say rude things about someone's size or weight? Just because I am pregnant doesn't give anyone the right to be rude - whether they think they are rude or not.

Things not to say or I will punch you in the face:

*Wow, you're about to pop! (heard this a few minutes ago!)

*Oh my gosh, you could go anytime! I'm scared for you! (heard this at lunch!)

*You're as big as a house! (heard this yesterday!)

*You are huge! (hear this EVERYDAY).

I mean, I am not the first to complain about people saying tactless and rude things to pregnant people. There are all sorts of articles, blog posts, etc, written about this very topic. It's common sense.


It's rude.

Just, rude.

I love talking about my pregnany otherwise.

I love belly rubs (no lie - feels good!).

I love hearing nice things.

I do not love hearing rude things about my size. I know that I am big. I feel big. I feel huge, in fact. As big as a house, yes. I do feel like I can pop any day.

But do you think I need to hear it from you? Nope. So don't expect a response if you say something like that to me.

Just expect a death glare.

1 comment:

alis-on said...

people are soooo rude! I'm sure you look amazing! Will you post a side belly view for us to complement? :)