Apr 7, 2011

Today is a Better Day Than Yesterday.

I'm not gonna lie. Yesterday was rough.

I was running on fumes from a poor night's sleep the night before and was feeling the stress of organizing and running an event that evening. Plus, we had a crazy work schedule that included interviewing people for a new position at LLCC - yay for that!!

Oh yeah, and I'm as big as a HOUSE.

All of that together meant I was very, very, oh-so-very tired by the time the event finished last night at 7pm.

And then I took off my shoes and my feet were fat.

I sort of wanted to cry. But my daughter picked every daffodile in Barb's yard and made a gorgeous bouquet. And I slept decent last night. And Hallie slept without waking (me) up last night. And she wasn't a total wreck this morning from the Zyrtec.

So today is better. I am better. But still as big as a house. So big.

My feet in Hawaii. Nice and skinny.


alis-on said...

Glad today is better than yesterday...
Your skinny feet are cute! Isn't it hard to imagine them ever going back to normal when they are so swollen? But they will! I remember looking down at my disgusting fat feet thinking these don't belong to me! I was so gross but they are back to normal now :)

The 3 Sees said...

See if you can leave finger prints in them. That was always fun for me :)