Apr 6, 2011

Zyrtec for Kiddos.

Makes them not want to wake up in the morning?

My chipper morning girl was a rag doll this morning. We tried her first dose of Zyrtec last night before bed and good grief it made her super sleepy this morning. I knew it caused drowsiness, but was hoping giving it to her at night would knock out that side effect by the morning.

Hopefully that will go away with time.

She was also up between 2-3am last night, so that was fun.

This mama is tired. I haven't had a cup of college in ages, as I gave it up for Lent, but I have a cup sitting in front of me right now. I have a very long day of student appointments, interviews for a few staff person and an honors reception tonight until 7pm.

I need sleep, but instead of sleep, I'm having coffee.

Please pray for me.

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The 3 Sees said...

Ha! Cup of college? You must really be tired :)