Jun 1, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap - Recital Edition

Saturday was the big Race Party. For a great write up about my father-in-law, read this: http://www.myjournalcourier.com/news/racefest-33358-drowned-tight.html

Despite some seriously threatening weather, everything calmed down and turned out great.

The Race Party is a huge fundraiser for a local racing team. My father-in-law has some great band connections, and is able to get the Kentucky Headhunters and Confederate Railroad to come play in the middle of nowhere. There is lots of beer and food and an auction, etc. Our contribution is the food. We feed the bands at my house, since I live a hop, skip and a jump away from the Race Party location.

And really, I just provide the location, sides and dessert. My mother-in-law brings all of the meat, other sides and dessert and we have a friend cook the meat up for us.

We fed a lot of people at our house and I only had one sort-of-melt-down early on in the day. It was right after someone walked in with dirty shoes on my freshly mopped floors. I wanted to cry.

We were more organized this year or something. The stress level wasn't as high as it has been the previous years. Everything was set up, cooked and ready to roll as the people started rolling in for food.

Even the Mayor came out. That was interesting.


In addition to feeding two bands, the sound crew + wives and family, we had Hallie's recital on Saturday.

Two recitals, actually. Which meant that in the midst of getting people fed, I had to get Hallie fed, dressed and made up to dance. It was around this time that I discovered I have no hairspray or lipstick - I wear neither.

Thank goodness for my mother-in-law and Kim (Todd's wife), who came to the rescue.

Kim was also my savior the rest of the day. After Barb and I left for the recital, Kim stayed and cleaned. And I mean CLEANED.

All of the dishes were washed, dried and put away. My countertops were cleaned. The food area was organized and ready for the next group. It was as if tiny elves came through and did their thing. It was fantastic.

Now, recital pictures:


It was super cute. They did a great job. I wish I had pictures of them with their mouse ears on. I'll find one somewhere.

After the second recital on Saturday, we ran home and went over to the Race Party. Hallie loved watching the concert. She was exhausted...so was I.

So am I.

It's time for this baby to be out. I have officially reached That Point.

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