Jul 22, 2011

another really cute picture. this time, with me.

here we are at the morgan county fair.

it was really hot. not as hot as it is now, but still hot.

and about 10 seconds after this picture i nursed henry. in the food pavilion.

there was lots of sweating.

i'm a fan of nursing in public. i mean, i'd rather be nursing at home, in my ugly green chair, with air conditioning, but still. i have no problems nursing in public. much to my grandma's dismay.

 oh that damn dora. hallie just had to have one after jamie won one the night before for olivia at some rip-off $5 game. i refused to pay that much for hallie to have something else to love for one day. she threw a major fit and got her papapa to pony up the money the next day.

henry looks so tiny in this picture! he has filled out soooo much.

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