Jul 23, 2011

do you swaddle?

boy, do we swaddle. we straight-jacket up in here.

hallie loved to be swaddled. henry loves to be swaddled. i would have a nervous breakdown if someone tried to swaddle me (claustrophobic).

it helps them sleep and i am game for whatever will help them sleep. oh how i love to sleep. i am lucky that henry only gets up twice a night.

funny story - last night hallie woke up when i had just finished putting henry back to sleep after first feeding. she was totally walking in her sleep. she told me that henry spit up all over her bed. when i walked her back to her room she walked in circles a few times before getting back in bed. then she pulled back a pillow pet and then looked at me and said - oh mom, i think that i was dreaming.

it was all i could do not to crack up laughing.

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