Jul 14, 2011

Fast As Lightning!

Whew - I haven't had much of a chance to blog. My internet connection has been in and out and it seems like when it's "in," the little mister is awake.

And smiling.

Always smiling.

These pictures crack me up. He's such a good, content baby. He loves to lay against a good pair of knees and be talked to. He just smiles and smiles when you talk to him. A few coos are starting to slip out and are the most precious thing I've ever heard.

Now, if this kid would start napping better he'd be the best baby that ever was. As it is, he loves to take teeny catnaps throughout the day. In my arms, the swing, bouncy chair...basically anywhere but his bassinet.

I'm trying something different this very moment. I moved him into his crib, swaddled him and turned on the fan. It's darker in his room and i'm hoping that plus being swaddled will be the trick. I'm going to start him in his crib overnight tonight too. Wish me luck!


alis-on said...

I love that smile! Good luck with the napping today...

Morgan said...

He's starting to look like his Mama!