Jul 15, 2011

Last Night Sucked.

What happened?! Where did my excellent sleeper go? Oh, how I hope this is a growth spurt or some other temporary condition that will GO AWAY.

Henry went from waking once a night to waking three or FOUR a night. What's that all about?? I am quite outraged.

Last night was the worst. I moved him to his crib. He woke up at 12:15 - like the last few days, no biggie. Then he was up at 2am - wait, that is not like the last few days. And then up again at 5:30 and then up for good at 6:30.

And let me be clear that he was not really asleep between 12:15am and 2am. He nursed like a barracuda until about 1:15 and then fussed on and off until I fed him again at 2am. My poor boobs.

He's napping now (in his crib) which means we are off for the rest of the day. I HAD PLANS TODAY!!!!!!!!!

Such is life with a newborn.

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