Sep 8, 2011

the circus was in town and boy did it suck.

this was no ringling brothers, i'll tell you what.

i think the pictures make it look cooler than it was, but please believe me that the lame-o-meter was spinning out of control. the kids liked it though - and that's all that was important.

plus, it was a total money pit. these circus people know how to get your cash-money-dollars.

here is their business plan:

1. give away a million kids tickets -  make parents think, oh what a great deal!
2. charge $16 for one adult ticket - aha.
3. have a man selling cotton candy for $4 as soon as you walk in the tent.
4. make it super hot so the kids are dying of thirst and then have a man selling soda for $3 walking around constantly.
5. sell circus peanuts at a specific time (and this time only!) for $2 and put a slip of paper for a free circus balloon in a few of them. kids will line up in droves for a chance to win a free circus balloon.
6. now that the kids are all crying because they didn't win a circus balloon, send around a man SELLING the circus balloons for $6 - YES, SIX DOLLARS FOR A BALLOON.
7. intermission - sell rides on an elephant with a sign that says $2 so that the parents get excited (stupid parents) and get their kids excited to ride the elephant.
8. have fine print on the signs that it is $2 PER COUPON and the rides are THREE COUPONS.
9. have a man with a python snake available for pictures. tell the kids they can touch the snake for $7. FOR SEVEN DOLLARS - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

poor henry.

Oh my good golly. i managed to only spend $23. yep - $23 for about an hour excitement? dogs doing tricks, really.

henry slept, the angel. the girls were fantastic and seemed to enjoy themselves.

i spy some serious butt cheeks.

sure, i'll go again.

when elephants fly.

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