Sep 9, 2011

most evenings look like this.

we spend a lot of our free time with grandma lucille. i would go so far to say that she is currently my bff. we get along famously.

truthfully, i don't know what i would do without her. and at 87-years-old i am dreading the day i find out. we are each other's company. she is lonely. i am many times lonely. she loves me kids. so do i (duh). she has lots of popsicles and well, that is just awesome.

i think i was at her house almost every, single day of my maternity leave. i hate that now we are so busy with our evening routines and we don't get to hang out as much. but we start baths at 6:30pm and that doesn't give much time for visiting. it's hard being back at work.

this was last sunday night. a typical scene. she loves to hold henry and he loves to be held by great-grandma lucille. miss jealous has to be close by and usually perches on the chair while watching cartoons.

it's sweet, isn't it?

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alis-on said...

Very sweet. Love this post.