Sep 2, 2011

first day back, not so bad.

not sure what i was expecting, but it wasn't that bad.

i had already left henry at the babysitter's a few days prior, so that wasn't a shock. you see, he's still not taking a bottle very well. he doesn't like it, doesn't want it, nope, won't do it. he eats very little all day and then nurses like crazy when he gets home to me. can't say that i blame him.

but so i had already taken him for "bottle bootcamp," so like i said, not a shock.

what came as a shock was the flowers that my husband sent me! a serious shock. and he put some serious thought into the flowers too. One for each of us - two red roses to symbolize the kiddos, one pink (me) and one white (him). how's that for thought! seriously, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

i already remembered how much i hate pumping all the time. yuck. i feel like a cow, but i know it's a good thing. but i'm already scared about my milk production going down. it's gotten lower day by day...11 ounces on wednesday, 10 ounces yesterday. we'll see how today goes. luckily, i know not go to let it go too low before trying some things - teas, herbs, etc. i will nurse/pump for as long as i can this time! last time i dried up around five months. bummer.

i hate you, pump!
work is good. nothing to complain about except that i have to work now.

so my work day was great. my home evening was TERRIBLE. i had two tired and grouchy kiddos who both needed to go to bed asap. too bad they like to go to bed at the SAME TIME. that's super fun with just one parent around. guess which one went to bed first?

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