Sep 6, 2011

Now I Speak of the Cloth.

i have been cloth diapering for a few months now. i would have started earlier but it took a million years for henry's stump/cord to fall off. that was gross.


i made the decision to cloth diaper henry for a few reasons, mostly because i am cheap. and cloth diapers are super cute. and no yucky chemicals or anything on my baby's bum. i mean, really. i hated taking off his disposable diaper (pre-stump-off) and finding those little gel crystals stuck all over his junk.

not cool.

i admit i sort of freaked out when i realize it was actually time to make the switch to cloth. but the cord fell off, i was out of newborn diapers, it was time.

it's so freaking easy.

i pop a diaper on, snap. i take it off, unsnap. i do laundry every other day (cold rinse, hot wash, extra rinse) and then hang it out to dry on my beloved clothes line. in the winter, or when i get busy from work and such i'll just put them in the dryer.


in fact, now that i am back to work, it's still easy. i do my wash at night and then hang out to dry in the morning before i wake hallie and henry up. and if i'm running late or don't feel like hanging them to dry then i will just put them in the dryer when i get home.

i have 20 cloth diapers - 6 bumgenius one-size, 6 fuzzibunz one-size, 2 applecheeks,2 flips (plus a ton of liners!), 2 bumgenius all-in-ones, 1 grovia that it? that is more than enough. 

i have two pail liners, a wet/dry bag and a diaper sprayer.

i cannot stress enough how easy this is. and there are almost zero blowouts. i'm talking one or two blowouts since i've been cloth diapering. with disposables we had lots and lots. lots.

i am in love with cloth diapering. weird, i know.

if you wanna be cool like me be sure to buy your diapers from my girl morgan!


Morgan said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! :)

Betsy said...

It's much easier than I thought... I wish I had done it with all 3 kids.