Oct 7, 2011

Dear Dave: 24.

dear dave,

we are sorta-sick. I say sort of, because, well, we are sick...sort of. last night hal had a pretty good fever. motrin + sleep and she was back to awesome this morning.

last night my throat was killing me to swallow. i checked it out with a flashlight and found black spots - not good. prompt care this morning told me it was probably FOOD stuck to my tonsils and my throat was just hurting because of drainage from a viral infection.

so to recap. hal was sick, good now. my throat hurts, but it's really nothing. i can't believe i have to use a sick day for this nonsence. at least hallie didn't have school today, so she's not missing out on any of that.

we sent henry to irma's so he didn't get exposed to our yuckies...which are not really yuckies now and i MISS HIM LIKE CRAZY! i have to pump all day now and that sucks (haha).


*all pictures are of hallie at prompt care, trying to run from me so i don't take her picture.

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