Oct 6, 2011

Dear Dave: 25.

dear dave,

we wear a bib all the time these days. my gosh the DROOL is out of control. i mean, h-bomb has always been super slobbery, but it has now reached an all-time high. i can almost wring the bib out at the end of the day.

super gross.

also, i think he looks more like you every day. so much for having a kid that looks like me! you must have super strong genes or whatever.

also, henry has decided he just loves hallie when she sings to him. so you can imagine how much she sings to him. all. the. time. barney song (why??!!) all.the.time.



Anonymous said...

Awe... this is sooooo CUTE!!!!

Kelly said...

adorable! lincoln says "baby henry is gonna roll onto his tummy." he is not used to seeing a baby lay still on a changing table...we have to wrestle bennett down :)