Oct 13, 2011


we are in the midst of fundraising for girl scouts! don't you just love fundraising? asking people for money, even for a great cause, is SO MUCH FUN!

i just love it so much that i am asking all of YOU! would you consider purchasing something from hallie's girl scount fundraiser? she earns badges for the magazine sales and gets free stuff for the candy/trailmixes sold.

you could either:

1) buy or renew a magazine


2) buy some candy/nuts/trailmixes! there are even a few choices that are only $5. like, cajun trailmix and whatnot.

NO PRESSURE, but if you are in the market for a new magazine or up for renewal or have a sweet tooth like mine, let me know and i'll giv eyou some more information!

i feel so dirty now. I HATE FUNDRAISERS. i get it, they are necessary. i understand. but they still suck.

here's the grateful girl scout now! (extremely blurry!):


alis-on said...

Maybe your feelings toward fundraising stems from your time in TelAlumni??? HAHA! I will buy something shoot me an email with the details.

Lori Burrus Greene said...

ohhh am I a sucker for kids selling anything. Have Miss H hit me up at Sunday school. Guaranteed sale.