Oct 12, 2011

Henry is 4 Months! (like, last Saturday).

Oh, Henry.

  • You now weigh 13 pounds, 4 ounces and are 25 inches long.
  • You are the smile-iest baby I have ever met in my life.
  • You also "talk" more than any baby I have ever met in my life.
  • You have very nice hair and lovely blue eyes.
  • When you smile, your whole face lights up.
  • You sleep...pretty well, only waking up once to eat.
  • You love to nurse, but are finally, finally taking bottles better at Irma's.
  • You love Irma.
  • You love Hallie (when she stays out of your face).
  • You love to get undressed,
  • but HATE to get dressed again.
  • You love your baths so much.
  • You have a tiny belly button. Even the doctor said so.
  • You can roll front to back.
  • You love your swing and bouncy chair, but don't love your bumbo.
  • You LOVE to watch ceiling fans.
  • You slobber so much that I have to put a bib on you every day.
  • It's really gross how much you slobber.
  • You have very hairy ear canals (according to the doctor).
  • You love to be outside.
You are the joy of my life right now. It's impossible to have a bad day when I see you smile at me. You are honestly the best baby ever and I am so blessed that you are all mine! I can't wait to find out what kind of trouble you will get into when you are older, because you have me absolutely wrapped around your itsy-bitsy finger.
  • You have adorable fingers.

I love you,
mom aka the one with the boobs

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