Oct 20, 2011

I Love These Kids.

just try to tell me he isn't the cutest thing EVER. seriously, he is growing up too fast and is JUST SO DANGED SWEET.

and then there's this one.

so sweet, huh? HA. (what can i do about that HAIR?!)

she was actually great in this moment, but stuck out her tongue to make a statement. about what, i'm not sure. but there it is.

she has really started taking off with her spelling and reading. it's amazing to watch. last night she kept saying - mom, give me three letter words. any three letter words.

sometimes it's HARD to come up with three letter words! she spelled them all right except for owl. she spelled it "awl." isn't that cute? try sounding it out and that's what i would probably put too.

this past weekend she made my grocery list for me. i would tell her what i needed and she would write it. she was waaaay off on a few, but they were phonetically correct, so i was pretty proud. her teacher sent home a note to all parents saying to NOT tell them how to spell things, but instead make them sound it out and work it out themselves.

here is part of the grocery list.
(dog food, cat food, apple, cucumber, milk, bread, popcorn)

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