Oct 21, 2011

My Sleeper.

this little boy likes to sleep, praise the lord god in heaven ABOVE. he sleeps from about 7pm - 6:30am, just waking once to eat around 3am. when he's a little older i will try to cut that out. but he is still on only breast milk, so i think he might need that last feeding for awhile. i'm okay with that.

i shudder when i think about the first few months of hallie's life. sleep was a huge issue for us. like, she didn't want to and i did.

look at his hair in this picture! it was a little on the wild side last night. it's getting so long and he is starting to look more and more like dave.

and then here's miss hallie who wanted curlers in her hair last night again. so i spent all that time rolling them up (okay, like 5 minutes) and then once she got in bed she wanted them out.

love these kids.

PS - dave comes home on monday for a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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