Oct 17, 2011

weekend recap. a crapload of pictures.

oh, it was a good one. mostly because my mom cleaned my house! and it was a surprise! and it was her birthday, not mine! (happy birthday yesterday again, mom!)

for real, we walked into the house after church/lunch and the house was spotless. and there were clothes hanging from the clothes line and the dryer was drying another load and the beds were made and the dishwasher had been run and the floors were vacuumed and the bathroom floors scrubbed and the bathtubs/showers cleaned and the toilets cleand and moldy vases washed and the microwave cleaned! i mean FOR REAL.

i think having people clean for me is my love language because i sure do love my mom right now! not that my love is conditional, but you know what i mean.

we did other things too.

like...play with henry, pick out pumpkins at the farmers' market, carve/paint said pumpkins, have allergic reaction aka itchy hands from said carving, put said pumpkins on the front porch in apparently insanely bright sunlight, take pictures of our awesome shadows and then light pumpkins. whew!

and then my mom cleaned my house!

while we were at church, so it was even a surprise!

and we ate lunch at barb's after church:

and then my dad came up for the night! and he just sent me a text and was cleaning my oven!

love language, yes!

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Betsy said...

Can they visit me next?