Oct 18, 2011

What's in YOUR Garage? Prepare for a Crazy Long Post. With Lots of Words.

because here is what was in mine, last night.

do you see?
no? hang on, here's a better angle.

still not sure?
whoop, there it is.


here's how it went down:
8:30:  as i am finishing up lunches, bottles, etc. i hear thump, thump in the garage. great, the kitties are locked in the garage.
8:31: open the door to the garage, bend down to pick up the "kitty."
8:31: SCREAM
8:35: armed with a broom, i manage to scare it into the closet in the garage. great.
8:36: call dave, who puts me on speaker phone as i half scream/cry/freakout over the phone.

at this point, he is telling me to climb into the closet on the right side with my broom and try to get the possum out - the possum is now hiding behind the white buckets on the left side of the VERY skinny closet. do you understand how close that would put me to the possum?

i may or may not have asked dave at this point if a. he was crazy or b. if possums could jump/climb walls.

i mustered up my courage, balanced on the boards on the right side of the closet and snuck back there. and came running out doing my scream/cry thing because it was just TOO SCARY to be in that close of proximity to a POSSUM.

at this point, i told dave to just pretend i didn't call him, that there was nothing in the garage. my plan was to just leave the garage doors open and pray it goes out all by itself. dave didn't think that was a good idea.

then my darling father-in-law (who was listening to this go down over speaker phone) called my "neighbor" who came over with his 6 year old and they rescued me.

whew. my heart is still pounding!

in other news, i woke up at 7:09 this morning. i normally leave the house at 7:10am, so do you see where this is going?

luckily, hallie wasn't her usual grouchy morning self and enjoyed watching me freakout that we were SO LATE, HALLIE, WE ARE SO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

but, i managed to get her dressed/teeth/hair/breakfast, me showered/makeup/wet hair!/no breakfast (sad face), henry changed/clothed/nursed and got hallie to school on time and me to work just a few minutes late! MIRACLE.

it only worked because lucille came over and took hen to irma's, god bless her.

what a crazy night and crazy morning!


Morgan said...

I love that in the middle of your freak out you thought "hey, I need to grab my camera because this would make a great blog post" :)

Kelly said...

Gross. You are much braver than I would have been. I probably would have been hiding in the closet with the boys while the possum had full run of the house and slept in my bed. I'd have stayed in there for days if necessary. :)

alis-on said...

YIKES!!! those little creatures are scary!! my palms were sweating reading that story.