Nov 8, 2011

5 Months Old! Henry!

oh, this son of mine.

we are crazy about him, oh he who:

drools like a son-of-a-gun.
chews on anything near his mouth.
is mellow.
is happy.
slept thru the night last night!
takes a bottle from me now (and dave).
is in bed by 7pm every night.
usually wakes up around 4am to eat.
loves his irma.
loves hallie for some odd reason.
will quiet down if you sing the barney song to him.
likes his exersaucer.
starting to eat oatmeal much better!

happy 5 months, mr. henry. mama looooooves you.


alis-on said...

Happy 5 months, Henry, you handsome boy!!

Kelly said...

Happy 5 months!! What a cutie!