Nov 4, 2011

Fire Ants.

yesterday, things went first. we got hallie's cast on, ran an errand and headed home from springfield. i made supper while dave entertained the kiddos. a normal family evening. my favorite kind. our friend bob was coming over for supper and all was well until....

....she started ITCHING.

cue the screaming, desperate hitting of her cast to relieve the itchiness and the pleads for us to PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

it was awful. worse than when she BROKE it. i can only imagine it felt like a thousand fire ants crawling around her cast.

they gave her a tiara and wand after her xray. very glittery. glitter everywhere.

and there is nothing we can do. i have never felt so helpless.

we finally drugged her with benedryl to get her relaxed enough to sleep. that worked until about 1:30am.

she is back to school today. she is tired, but not as itchy. maybe the worst has passed? i'm hoping school will be a distraction. only 20 more days! (wah)

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