Nov 3, 2011

Fire in the Sky.

hallie is doing great, thank you. we struggle at night - she wants to sleep with us (okay, fine) and then wakes up usually once in pain. she is a shifter, so she accidentally hurts herself in her sleep. i know that will pass and i think it will be better when she gets her permanent cast.


yippee - today is the day we get her real cast! they apparently have dozens of colors to choose from. she wanted pink until the mentioned glow in the dark. who knew there was such a thing as a glow-in-the-dark cast?!

she is very excited. in sunday shool they have been talking about moses leading the people across the desert. and how during the day God gave them a cloud to cover to the sun and at night He gave them a pillar of fire to light the way. her beloved sunday school teacher, lori green (love you, lori!) told hallie that they will do a demonstration on sunday for all of the kiddos - and hallie's cast can be the fire in the sky. very cute.

pictures will be coming soon of her new cast, i am sure.

in the meantime, here are some pictures of hallie in her costume from the costume parade at school, trick or treating at irma's and at barb's. and of course, henry.

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