Nov 30, 2011


i am so tiiiiired this week. (whine, whine, whine). i don't know why. i wake up tired and go to bed tired. i'm just tired. and busy? apparently, since i haven't blogged in a hundred and forty-five days. (that's hallie's favorite exaggeration).

i haven't mentioned thanksgiving at all. or even how thankful i am for my little family. and my big family too. it was a wonderful holiday and it *is* a wonderful holiday. it is actually becoming my favorite holiday. weird, because there are no gifts involved. and i loooove gifts. buying and receiving, thank you very much.

speaking of receiving, i just don't know what i want. i sort of want this, sort of want that. i really want a foot massager. do people give those as gifts? i want one.

anyway, here's some pictures. only the one with lauren is from thanksgiving. the others are from the wednesday before and the sunday after. apparently hallie wasn't around?

ps - lauren, you look really pretty in that picture.

i know this last picture is super blurry. but i love it. maggie and dave have become best buddies lately. she has figured out that he is the most fun of us all.

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