Nov 30, 2011


no more cast - hooray! she had a bath the night after and she said, "ooooh, this feels like heaven."

i can imagine.

it was flaky and peeling and gross looking. her skin was so slack and sad. we bathed it, lotioned her up and slapped a band-aid on.

she's on restriction for a few more weeks but then we are officially done-zo with the broken arm-zo.

um, not sure why that picture is upside down? anyway. these were taking moments before the doctor came in and yanked (like, YANKED) the pins out of her elbow. and she screamed. loudly.

here's a closeup of the pins. so gross. like little coat hangers sticking out. yucky.

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Kelly said...

I nearly fainted just looking at those pins. Hallie, you are much braver than me. I think I would have had to have been sedated...