Dec 2, 2011


fellow breastfeeders, i'm almost finished.

not because i want to, but because the wells are running dry. after hallie's unexpected stay in the hospital, i was never able to pump as much as before. which was no big deal, i still pumped what i could and supplemented the remainder with formula. and then henry started sleeping through the night, and my supply went down some more, but still no biggie.

well now it just keeps going down. so much so that he has to work and work and work and then doesn't get much. so i've been bottling him and nursing him to keep him satisfied.

i've been drinking tea, taking herbs and pumping lots and lots.

so, as henry approaches his six-month birthday i'm feeling like this is the right time to quit. i don't really want to, but i don't want to pump for just a few measly ounces.

i'm going to keep pumping until i don't pump enough for the one bottle of breastmilk he's getting now.

and then.




sad face.

but happy face, because NO MORE PUMPING.

no picture, because my grandma would have a heart attack.

then end.


alis-on said...

State of the Boobies--Keri you crack me up. This is pretty much the same thing that happened to me. I miss nursing but not pumping. Good job on making it to 6 months! And a 'GAZES'...nice play. Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

6 months is superb :) Good for you!