Jan 31, 2012


sick as a dog, but loved every minute of it.

especially when i woke up and patty was spooning me. that was pretty funny.

i met my girls (minus sarah, minus kendra) for a quickie overnight in st.louis. we met up with even more friends from college and talked and laughed hysterically for hours. and i ate a whole pizza. and two cupcakes. apparently i was starving.

i blame the nasty cold.

there are five unborn babies at this table! nora (with one), theresa (with one) and alana (with THREE).


this stinkin' darn kid got his very first ear infection on sunday. we celebrated with some amoxicillin and an early bedtime. poor kiddo. poor mommy - he hates taking medicine. good times.
waiting patiently at prompt care. that teether is his favorite thing EVER.

feeling better yesterday!

after watching Baby Einstein!

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