Feb 17, 2012


remember when i said it was going to be the best valentine's day ever?

 yeah, well. not exactly.

things were going great in the morning and even part of the afternoon. then i took henry to get his ear checked from his ear infection and guess what...still infected. now we are on to our third antibiotic. bummer.

which meant i go to wait at cvs for approximately 1 million years.

so my marninating balsalmic-and-garlic-crusted pork tenderloin with parmesean-crusted asparagus (lots of crusts, i guess) had to wait a day and we had grilled kfc instead. grilled. probably not THAT much better than fried, but i'm all about marketing.

today mr. henry is finally feeling back up to his normal chipper self and things are improving.


 have i mentioned his crazy gag reflex?

he can barely tolerate baby food. if it has any sort of texture it is gag, gag, gag, PUKE. so much fun. last saturday i made the mistake of giving him a puff. he gagged, of course, and barfed, of course.

but we're working on it.

last night i gave him baby yogurt (as recommended with his antibiotic) and he tolerated the thicker texture. so i put a puff or two on his tray AND HE ATE A FEW WITHOUT PUKING!!!!!

and that is awesome.

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