Feb 20, 2012


we had a great weekend. it's so nice when dave is home and we can be...normal. we didn't do much, but had a lot of fun doing it.

took a walk to lucille's with hen in the moby. and me in my apron.

baby-sitting molly, who is apparently trying to shoot laser-beams at me.

last week i took supper over to lucille's house and cooked what was supposed to be our valentine's day supper, but wasn't.

we cooked balsalmic-garlic crusted pork tenderloin. it wasn't really crusted, but it was good. not exciting, but good. we didn't eat the leftovers, which means i won't make it again.

 link to recipe and picture here.

it took a lot longer than 20 minutes, so then my Parmesean-Crusted Asparagus was over-done. but it was good. would have been better if not over-done, but that was my bad. still good.

link to recipe and picture here.

for a treat, i made home-made oreos this weekend. recipe and picture here, but i got all fancy and rolled the edges in sprinkles. i should have taken a picture. they were cute. and delicious.
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oh! and i made Taco Pasta and it rocked dave's socks off. he looooved it. which was good, since it made a buttload. we ate half over just two days i'm freezing the rest.
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link to recipe and picture here.

what else, what else??? oh! Roasted Broccoli, which was so so so good. dave loved it too. we ate it like candy.
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recipe and photo here.

and let's see....is that it?

that's it! happy monday!

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