Mar 30, 2012


with both kids.

5.5 hours without stops. but since i'm with both kids...we be stoppin', fo' sure. i'm nervous-slash-excited. more nervous at this point, but i've tried to cover all of my bases.

i have the kids' stuff all packed up and everything is in the car.

i have a snack bag, plus a cooler. i made sure to pack healthy snacks: strawberries, apples, almonds, etc. but then not-so-healthy snacks too: fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks and my own personal favorite, raisins and chocolate chips. like a raisinette but better.

we are eating supper on the road, so i've got our's packed: pb & honey for her, salad for me, fruit for sides and bottle for henry.

i've got henry's "road" gear ready to go and stuff to change him into for our night-time "routine" that will just so happen to be on the highway this time. please, oh please, let him sleep in the car.

i've got a toy box for hallie, placed strategically where she can reach it. it is full of books she can read, her leadpad, hinka, spots, waterbottle and ipod. the dvd player will stay in front with me until she is ready for it. and then the movies are in her little box too.

i have attached some weird toy thingie to henry's carseat, probably against the law. but at this point it's survival.

the gps is programmed to ozark, missouri (where zach and sara live - we are staying with them! yippee for family!) and i have everything i need at my fingertips.

my phone is charged, i am ready to go.

we will leave in about an hour to go pick up hallie from school and hit the road. please pray for me.

dixie stampede, caves, river walks,


alis-on said...

have a fun, SAFE trip!! can't wait to read all about it :)

Kelly said...

DIxie Stampede! I love Dixie Stampede. Hope you had an easy drive down there. Enjoy!!