Mar 28, 2012


saturday, i took hallie to see the musical, hairspray. a dear friend was velma (?) von tussell (spelling, name???) and was AWESOME. like, so good i had goose bumps. she was the perfect miss baltimore crabs.
hallie loved it. was exhausted by the end, but loved it.

and then we got pulled over on the way home.

my license was expired - crap. didn't know.

 couldn't find proof of insurance.

and oh yeah, my headlight was out.

a virtual "way to go, you suck" hat trick, if you will.

got a warning, moved on and everything has since been renewed, found and fixed. whew.

but not before hallie was convinced we were going to jail.

moving on.

sunday was church, a sleepy baby, lunch with friends, girl scout cookie booth, skating party and a sleepy big kid. and mama.

i'm feeling...overwhelmed today. lots of craziness going on and none of it is in my control right now, which i hate.

the end.

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