Mar 22, 2012


i've been pinning all sorts of imagines on pintest. cute, fun styles.

styles that *i* should be able to wear.

i mean, why not? i'm young...ish. it's more fun to dress cute than not. so i've been trying.

i've had some successes and some misses. and i think i'm starting to see a pattern with what i like to wear.


here are a few images that i've pinned:

Fantastic Outfit... Once again, Kate.striped top, black pants, wedges
StripesWhite blazer, black tee, rolled jeans, and heels.
Chambray and black skinnies. perfect for work.

well that formatted weird, now didn't it?

so here are a few things i've been wearing. to work.

what's up with my leg? i mean...wha?

can you see the pictures where i'm keeping my feet together and there is a mysterious white string between them?
yeah, i'm weird.
i have an obsession with these particular pair of target black flats. only $12, which menas they fall apart in a few months...but for $12, i'll just buy a few pairs to have on back up. and this is a back up pair. with the elastic string still in the middle.

i am just that cool.


alis-on said...

super cute!!!!

Kelly said...

love them! did you just have all those cute things in your closet??