Mar 21, 2012


so, okay.

let me back it up.

driving home from missouri over christmas, dave and i got into a discussion about our tv watching habits. you see, i'm a tv junkie. i love teeeeeveeeee. oh grey's anatomy, big bang theory, love, love, love. now, there's certainly not much to watch - just a bunch of crap. but i do have my shows that i love and couldn't live without!

but hallie wanted to watch tv all the time, and when dave traveled i would give into her way to much. but when we realized it was contributing to some of her brattiness, we started restricting it...which meant saying no a LOT - which always caused drama, and who needs that?

so we made the decision to cancel - so i called directv then and there and did it. well, we suspended it for a month to see how we did. but after i got off the phone, i almost had a PANIC ATTCK - what have i DONE?! i cancelled tv, am i CRAZY?! i was freaking out in my head, and then i realized how absolutely ridiculous i sounded (to myself) and then broke out into maniacal laughter - and dave looked at me like i was insane.


we suspended it and it was awesome. i read books, cooked more, cleaned more, did more laundry - all positives. hallie's behavior got better and we didn't constantly have to say NO when she asked to watch tv. she still watched movies at times, but her screen time was dramatically reduced.

dave, on the other hand, freaked. SPORTS! how could he live without SPORTS?! he spent tons of time on the computer trying to figure out how to WATCH THE SPORTS, AHHHHHHHH, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT SPORTS. (he wasn't THAT bad, but geesh).

after our 30 days was up, the tv magically came back on and hallie was so happy.

until friday, when i cancelled it. for good this time. mean mommy. whatever. it's amazing outside and who needs tv anyway. bwahahaha. evil.


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