Apr 4, 2012


i need to write about branson.

i need to wrap up my march goals.

i need to figure out april goals.

i need to blog my pinterest meals!

but today i'm going to tell you about how i fell last night and it really hurt and i'm still complaining.


last night, i put henry to bed and went to check on hallie's progress. she was supposed to be cleaning up her room. instead, she had emptied her bookshelfs to make "cubbies" for her "animals" so that they wouldn't be "scared." and it was really "cute" so i didn't argue with her.

instead, i grabbed her sleeping bag to put on the top shelf in her closet and stood on a cannister we use for wooden blocks. i tossed up the sleeping bag, lost my balance, grabbed clothes, anything, ANYTHING to stop my fall and fall backwards into her closet.

i managed to SNAP a wooden sign in two WITH MY BACK and break a huge glass picture frame as well. i scratched up my ankle, gashed my back and managed to break my ring toe on my right foot.

well, *i* think it's broken. dave thinks i'm being a baby. i still worked out last night, so maybe it's not but whatever.

i sat there stunned while hallie buzzed around me, all excited to help mommy. she got dave, got me a bandaid for my back, an ice pack for my foot and ordered me to rest and take it easy. she put on mary poppins and we snuggled together. so it was actually  kind of nice :)

also, dave brought home 70 boxes of these:
and also 80 rice krispie treats:

not pictured are the two huge boxes full of scotch tape, plus three boxes of painter's tape.

note: we are not cereal eats, nor are we painters.

thanks, flw for the free goodies though :) we love free!

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