Apr 5, 2012


here's the link to my original post for my march goals: http://babymasonsblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/goals-marching-on-ha.html.

to recap, i was to:

  1. make crockpot yogurt. and that....didn't happen. i mean, i could have but i honestly kept forgetting about it. and it's more of a weekend project and our weekends have been sort of cray-z.
    2. duplicate some outfits from pinterest. yeah, buddy, i rocked this one. i mean, check it.

my favorites are the ones without the solid cardigans or blazers. so...more patterns on top, got it. and love my leopard belt, laceless oxfords, skinnies and the half-tuck. big fan of the half-tuck.
  3. goal three was to finish my book (feast of crows, book three of game of thrones) - done!

now...onto APRIL!

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