May 9, 2012


we don't have normal streets and sidewalks to ride our bikes on.

instead, we have looooooong stretches of roads, gorgeous scenery and grandmas to drive us back home and/or ride bikes with us.

mile to lucille's!

hitchin' a ride home!

hallie loves riding her bike now and so we make lots of trips to lucille's.

it's a mile there, exactly, so her little legs are pretty tired when we get there.

nothing that a popsicle, some tv time and a ride home can't cure.

we also rode bikes with grandma barb sunday night. it was a beautiful evening and i couldn't get enough pictures of her and hallie.

hal looked precious with her dress billowing out behind her.

love it.

and now everyone say it with me:

pooooooooor henry!

this kid is a champ. we dragged him all over the place all weekend in st. louis, missing naps, late bedtimes, etc. and then we get home and just continue dragging him places.

this picture was just about past his bedtime and you can barely see barb's house in the distance.

he is a total trooper though. no tears. just lots of resting his head on the ground.


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Kelly said...

That picture of Henry watching out the window cracks me up. Love it!