May 8, 2012


we spent the weekend in st.louis with aunt kath, uncle phil and dad. it was an awesome weekend.

i really have no words this morning, so i'm just going to stick with pictures.

related: i am just now drinking my first cup of coffee of the day and it's almost 11am.

i will say that it was SMOKIN' hot in st.louis. we went to faust park and it was amazing. perfect playground for hallie/henry, had a BUTTERFLY house and an antique merry-go-round to ride. fantastic.

the butterfly house was phenomenal. like, butterflies everywhere when you walk into the conservatory. you can't touch them, but they do land on you! it was sooo hot in the actual conservatory, hence the miserable pictures of hallie and henry. but i was in heaven! it was seriously one of the coolest things i've seen/been in a long time.

and the whole reason we went to st. louis was to pick up dave from the airport. so it was great to be reunited with him and then visit some good friends at the end of the visit.

it was a fabulous weekend.

PS: i forgot to mention...i got to make another trip to Trader Joe's. seriously, i love that place. i stocked up on my almond butter and tons of other goodies that cost one million dollars here in j'ville. i also tried some new products. sour cream pirates booty = amazing. seaweed snacks = gagworthy. morgan, i blame you.

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Kelly said...

Love Hallie's face in front of that animal cage (tank?). Hilarious! Looks like a fun trip :)