Jun 18, 2012


sweet corn, zucchini, cucumber, basil and a beast of a sunflower.

zucchini (with a blossom!)


my teeny tomatoes. remind me next year to buy them bigger. i bought the smallest and won't have tomatoes until sometime next year.

lettuce! romaine! remind me to plant lettuce every summer for the rest of my life. also, who needs lettuce?

again, the beast. hallie brought home a planted seed from kindergarten and this is what is has become. holy smokes.
it was a slooooow start for my garden this year. i planted late and the soil was already so warm, so things like my FOUR ROWS OF SPINACH never even came up. my tomatoes took forever to grow, my bell peppers are still...working on it. and last minute i decided to plant sweet corn.

but things are finally, FINALLY looking good. except for my strawberries, and what is up with that? i think i am going to transplant them back into rows (they are currently willy nilly) to make for easier weeding and also will straw the crap out of them this winter.

note for next year: lettuce, yes. plant spinach early. sweet corn, yes. peppers, no. tomatoes, cherry only and buy bigger plants. zukes and cukes, yes.

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