Jun 19, 2012


we signed hallie up for science camp this summer - day time, five days, easy.

and thank goodness we did because she loved it.

i got to go to the "inventor's showcase" on the last day and see what she had been working on all week. it was pretty stinkin' cool.

okay, let me explain the pictures a bit. the first is of "magnetropolois" a city that they created by the up-cycled items we sent on their first day. it was huge. this was just hallie's little piece of the city.

then there is a tape man she made and stuck on the wall.

and then she kept holding up "c for camp, mom!" which then got closer and closer to her ear, so then it looks like she can't hear me.

there's the back, which is a robot...so then she started DOING the robot and i lost it - laughed so, so hard. and then they made this balloon bursting machine...that actually worked.

it was awesome.

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