Sep 17, 2012


almost, but i didn't.

let me preface this by saying, I AM NOT A RUNNER. not even close. i think i would like to maybe some day maybe try to run more, maybe. but i'm not a runner now, period. i haven't been on a run in years and years.

but the school sent a flyer home about a 5k to raise money for teachers and it was a weekend dave was home and ya know, why not?

so i asked my mother-in-law, who is a runner, if she wanted to do it and yes, of course she does.

now, my mother-in-law is not your typical mother-in-law. the woman is in SHAPE. she runs FIVE MILES A DAY, people. it's just not natural. and rides her bike, and does jillian and a body former. she's not normal.

so anyway. i sorta started dreading the race the week before. and then i started questioning my sanity at the starting line. and then i started running. and oh geez, what was i thinking?

i didn't even try to keep up with barb. she sprinted on ahead of me while i just tried to keep pace with some dude in a red shirt in front of me. my goal was to finish. to try not to walk, only run. if i could do it in 30 minutes, great.

mile 1 - seriously, i've only been running a mile? two more???

mile 2 - i am a fool, a total fool. if i squint i can almost see barb's navy and orange workout pants ahead of me. way ahead of me.

at some point they passed out water, which was fun. it broke up the run a bit. and then i passed red-shirt guy, so that was cool.

finish line - i did it!! i didn't walk! i did it in 27 minutes! goals = met.

and then i went behind a truck and dry-heaved for a few minutes.

oh, and barb totally WON for the ladies 50+ division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and beat me. by an entire minute.

shame, shame.

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