Sep 14, 2012


never let it be said that hallie doesn't rock her own style.

today is picture day at school and she is STOKED. she spent a lot of time perfecting her outfit and hair accessories. and then she put on lipgloss.

people, this is hallie to a "t". ENJOY:

i'm sorry for the blogging break. i just haven't been in the mood, which is weird because i love to blog. this summer hasn't been my favorite. but we're rebounding into fall and i have lots and lots to look forward to.


last night i opened my eyes and saw a man standing next to my bed. i did the normal thing and pretended like i didn't see him, closed my eyes and just rolled over until i thought he had left our room. and then i quietly, quietly poked dave, trying to gently get his attention. unfortunately, it just ticked him off and he yelled at me, which really defeated the point of quietly getting his attention.


i whispered - someone is in the house! and he leapt out of bed like a good husband and searched the house while i followed behind him with a kitchen knife. and apparently i was wrong. but he was SO GOOD to humor me, especially when i couldn't sleep still about an hour later and made him get up with me AGAIN because i thought i heard a noise coming from the monitors in henry's room. and then again when i asked him to search our bathroom again.

it was SO REAL. i should have realized it was a dream, but it was so vivid - i can see just what he looks like - short and stocky, black shorts and NO SHIRT, haha. and hairy.

and this morning we found my phone and dave's computer in his suitcase. so i must have had quite a night or sleep walking. or maybe the shirtless man moved our things?????

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Alison Troutwine said...

hAHA! i LOVED this post. First, i missed you so i was glad to see you pop up on my reader this morning. Hallie is adorable. she has some serious style. and your dream sound pretty scary--was it adam in your room? based on your description it kind of sounds like him :) can't wait to see you next weekend!