Oct 25, 2012


so, we are still working to fnish our basement.
we are soooo close.  i just wanted the flooring to be done. when the floorings done, we can use it. i don't care about the decorating or furnishings yet - we can make due with what we have as long as the flooring is done.
so after much, much debate, i ordered carpet.much, much debate. i ordered a light grey/beige color that was inexpensive and looked pretty basic. no biggie, not much thought otherwise. the basement is over 1,000 usable square feet, so i couldn't do anything super amazing or awesome. and that's fine. it's a basement. who really cares?
i certainly didn't. right up until they started installation yesterday.
there isn't a single hue of gray, it's a dark brown. it looks like the carpet i grew up with in the 1990s. it certainly does matches the sample i used to make sure it wouldn't be too dark....but unfortunately when you spread it over the entire room it apparently turns poop brown.
so i stewed (and prayed) over it last night and woke up just totally bummed out about it. i called to see if there was anything that could be done and sure...if i wanted to spend a bunch of money, something could be done.
so i stewed on that a bit more and cried (ridiculous, i know - but it's a lot of money no matter which way you dice it )....got some advice from my usual source (barb) and then turned to my friend (traci) and asked her to talk me off the ledge. i honestly figured she would tell me to buck up and spend the money now, etc.
instead, her words:
"It's a basement.  Lesson learned but again...it's a basement!  No worries.  People don't stare at carpet.  Just accent with colors that don't make it look so "poopy"  :)  You will be fine and even more fine when someone spills on it...b/c you won't care....Life's short right?  It all happens how it should, so don't let this little thing bog you down."
and with that...i felt better.
because she's right.
life is too, too short. big deal. i can handle this.
i can consider it a challege to decorate on poop brown.
sigh. poop. brown.
the end.

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