Oct 24, 2012


we call henry the cookie monster. at least, irma and i do. it's his best word. he is speaking more and his vocabulary is expanding, but cookie is his #1 word at this point.
he says it like this, "c-c-c-COOKIE?!" with the added empahsis. like he can't say it any more excitedly.
(see the cookie above? also, please note that this box has nothing in it. it housed his train table until we put it together - a month ago. but hen loves to go in and perch on his box and look out the window. so i can't bear to trash it.)
he LOVES cookies. lucille freezes that vanilla sandwich cookies and gives him one as soon as he walks in the door. it got to the point where he would say, "c-c-c-COOKIE?!" as soon as he saw her. maybe he thinks that is his name?
(sharing his cookie with zoey. he's so generous)
irma says that as soon as she walks in to get him up from nap, he's saying, "c-c-c-COOKIE?!"
oh that henry. luckily, he needs some fattening up, so he gets as many cookies as he wants! which means i have little crumbs all through my house. and he usually has cookie slobber on some part of his face and clothing.
but that's  okay. he can have as many c-c-c-COOKIES?! as he wants.

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