Oct 22, 2012


with hallie, you never know what is sinking in. it appears that she doesn't hear us or listen to us roughly half of the time. actually, probably more than that. it drives me nuts.
or i'll tell her to do something (brush her teeth, for example) and she'll run off to do it...and then find about thirty things to mess with between me and the bathroom. grrr.
but then there are the times thath she pulls random facts out of her butt from YEARS ago that she remembers. it's remarkable.
anway. i do have a point.
this morning there was a rainbow when we got out of the car in the school parking lot. i pointed it out as we were walking in and she was SO EXCITED.
mom! mom! that's god's promise!!!!!!!!! god showed noah a rainbow and said that was his promise that he will never flood the earth again!
so, lori, she was listening yesterday in sunday school. which is way cool.
on another note, i found out today that a local homeless/scamp man named whirly (whoorley?) died. he was only 55 years old. dave knew him from high school - he used to hang out under the triopia sign where the boys would meet for rides and such.
he rode his bike everywhere. i would see him in arenzville outside of our church. he would hang out at llcc in jacksonville and ask for change. he hung out at the corner of walnut and main street and i would see him so many mornings.
i wasn't always nice. he annoyed me. he sometimes harrassed our students and that wasn't cool. but it was obvious he had mental issues and was obviously homeless.
i had asked him only once to come to church. it was either a cold or hot day and he was sitting outside of our church. i either asked him to come and and warm up or cool down. i can't remember (hallie probably does!).
i forget that jesus wants us to care for even the least of these. it's a good lesson. sometimes the ones that make us want to turn our heads are the ones that needs jesus the most.

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