Oct 11, 2012


i really don't.

i am forcing myself today because this has become my journal and by golly, you're supposed to write in your journal. so. yes.

i am doing another 5k on saturday? i'm not sure why, but i'm actually "training" for it this time. meaning i have run the last few weeks to prepare. i feel good about it. i'm excited about it? yes, that is a question. it's supposed to rain/thunderstorm. so there's that too.

the kids are good.

sorta sickly, but good.

dave is gone, as always. we have seen him five out of the last 30 days. let that sink in.

five days.

out of thirty.

please don't feel sorry for me, because i am feeling sorry enough for myself.

the end.

1 comment:

Alison Troutwine said...

i've missed you.
good luck with the 5k. hope it doesn't rain.
hope everyone in your house if feeling better and that Dave retuns home soon for a long stretch...