Oct 17, 2012


this is hallie's favorite day! wednesdays are her horseback riding days. she gets to ride magic and live out her fantasy of one day becoming a real cowgirl on a ranch in wyoming.
i will post pictures tomorrow, because it is really cute to see. she is getting really good! she knows how to saddle him (mostly, and with help) and can walk, trot and weave magic around cones. she has zero fear, which i think is amazing. i think she is amazing!
and i think her bedhead is amazing. yowzers.
and here's some jesus for you today:
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i know i will sit and complain and moan about my crappy somethings...but have i prayed about it? usually the answer is no. and usually prayer helps tremendously. even the act of praying is straight up comforting.
try it.
seriously. do you have a situation that just makes you sick to think about? just try saying a simple prayer asking for god's guidance and comfort. and see where it takes you.
or even if you have something silly and small - try it. you will be amazed at the power of prayer.
happy wednesday!  

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