Oct 16, 2012


henry prefers to eat food off of the floor.
and uses his middle finger for everything. everything.
he loves the vacuum cleaner and broom so very much.
he reaches for knives in the dishwasher while saying "no no no" to himself.
he loves to have things balance on his head while he's taking a bath.
he prefers to be without bottoms and plays with himself non-stop.
hallie prefers animals to people.
she makes up her own songs that are heartfelt and hysterical.
she talks about god a lot. i was explaining "god in three parts" and she interrupted and said "who cares mom - god is everything"
is a straight-up cowgirl. loves wearing her cowgirl hat and boots with real spurs.
sleeps with a giant bear that is literally bigger than she is.
demands to have her back, feet, legs, arms, head tickled if you sit down next to her.
if you don't sit down next to her she will move to sit by you and then demand that you tickle her back.
they are both just at a really funny, really exhausting stage. someone gave hallie caffeine on a school night last night (i'm looking at you, barb) and the girl was bouncing off the walls. but she was so funny and was cracking me up. i sorta didn't mind that she stayed up way past her bedtime. sorta.
and henry, geesh, he throws all of his food/sippy cups on the floor. it drives me bananas. he also is a very picky eater and will basically eat three things: hotdogs, mac n cheese and pizza. so different from his sister.
i don't know. there's not too much of a point to this story. i think just the act of writing down little memories like this is helpful to appreciate the blessings that god has given us.
"every good and perfect gift is from above" james 1:17
and it also reminds me how much i love being a mother. so here's a shout out to my lovely mother on her birthday today!
happy birthday, mom! love you!!!!

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