Oct 15, 2012


sunday's sermon was about ruth. i think. maybe naomi? yes. naomi. both, actually. our pastor is a little...scattered sometimes, so it's hard to follow the point of his sermons. he veers off to baseball (?) trying to relate to the crowd, but then just loses us. stick to the point, i say. write it down if necessary!
naomi was bitter. god had dealt her some sucky cards - like really, really sucky cards. and she was feeling the pity party pretty strong.
"don't call me naomi, she told them, "call me mara, because the almighty  has made my life very bitter. i went away full but the lord brought me back empty. why call me naomi? the lord has afflicated me;e the almighty has brought misfortune upon me." ruth 1:20-21
much like i was last week. lame.
pity parties are so lame.
i don't want to be like naomi. i don't want to feel sorry for myself.
she couldn't see god's plan through all  of the crappiness and so she let herself get down.
i think we all do. we forget that god has a plan for each of his children and we just need to be patient. and pray. a lot.
and just like naomi, things will be better and you can look back and be grateful.
the end.

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Alison Troutwine said...

Thanks Keri. I needed this. i too have been having little pity parties lately. but as you reminded me...things will get better. there is a plan. keeping you and your family in our prayers. congrats on your 5k!