Jan 26, 2011

Walls. Real Walls.

I'm pretty excited today. We are starting the long process of finishing our basement, starting with the drywall. We had it framed out when we built the house two and a half years ago, but decided to wait (and save) before doing the finish work.

This is what our basement looked like last night. Bob, Dave and Bummy got the drywall hauled into the basement and put insulation/plastic on the outter walls.

You know, it is really hard to take pictures of a framed basement. No walls or whatnot. Not pictured - the rest of the main area, dave's man land or storage room.

Nevermind - here's a picture of the other side of the main living room area. I tried to get pictures of the drywall and apparently didn't do a good job. Who knew it was so big? Or heavy??? Thanks to Bummy and Bob for the help! We have awesome friends.

This morning the drywall guy, Dan, will start hanging the drywall and finishing will probably start next week. I can't wait. I have already started decorating, but that is still a loooong ways away.

Oh, and here is Hallie this morning, right before I left. I love this girl. Crusty nose and all.

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